10 IMP points to make Daily Scrum/Standup Meeting effective

  1. It is for teams to gather & plan for the day (daily planning)
  2. You answer those 3 Q & raise risks/impediments
  3. You offer help to people
  4. You attend on time & don’t distract others while speaking
  5. Use parking lot for other discussions
  6. You standup to make it quick
  7. Use 15 min max (if you finish early go to your workplace & you know what to do)
  8. Do not skip this meeting
  9. If SM is not available, gather with others and do it (as you are self-organized person/team)
  10. This is not a status or a problem solving session

#CoachingAgileTeams #TeamDSMCadence #LoveWhatYouDo #KeepTeamsMotivated


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