Scrum Master Interview Questions & Answers – Part 2

I wrote this article for collecting some questions related to Scrum Master Interview. I am answering them in my opinion and best of my knowledge. Continuing to answer the questions in series –

6.      What roles are defined in Scrum? Explain each role.

Scrum has 3 Roles-

Scrum Master: Owns the process, not the boss, facilitator, mentor and coach

Product Owner: Voice of customer, maintain backlog, prioritize the requirements, accepts/rejects deliverable

Scrum/Dev Team: Convert backlog into working software, cross functional, self organized, motivated, self empowered team members

7.      How do you ensure that the Scrum team has access to the stakeholders?

It is a responsibility of a Scrum Master to create a conducive work environment, he/she should never bridge a gap between scrum team and stakeholders.

Rather, he /she should create a culture of collaboration and transparency across different functions.

8.      Who shall be writing user stories?

It is a primary responsibility of a Product Owner to write user stories in collaboration with Scrum Team.

9.      Did you use automated test tools on your projects?

Yes, in my experience I have used Selenium and QTP for test automation. You can answer based on your experience, be honest while answering 🙂

10.   What is a team’s velocity?

Velocity – It is a sustainable pace/speed of the team. It tells you when you can release some functionalities to end customer.

It is calculated after few sprints are over once your team starts becoming a stable with their achievements. It is calculated in story points in Scrum.



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