Scrum Master Interview Questions & Answers – Part 1

I wrote this article for collecting some questions related to Scrum Master Interview. I am answering them in my opinion and best of my knowledge.

1.      What are the scrum ceremonies and explain each one –

Scrum ceremonies are – Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective. 4 in total.

Backlog refinement meeting is not considered as official scrum meeting but it is required to kick-off sprints.

What we do in each ceremony/meeting I will answer in the seperate answers to those questions.

2.      How many teams do you work with (have you worked with) and how large are these teams?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. In my case I have worked with teams ranging from 1 team till 10 teams in total. Each team having 5-9 members.

3.      How would you coordinate between multiple scrum teams?

It depends on the size and coupling between those teams, and there are various frameworks for it –

  • SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework
  • LeSS – Large Scale Scrum
  • SoS – Scrum of Scrum

4.      Name 2 techniques for prioritizing user stories?

MoSCOW, 100 Point Method

5.      What is Bill Wakes’s INVEST?

We expect our Business Analyst and Product Owners to write user stories using this criteria, which is an acronym –

  • I – Independent
  • N- Negotiable
  • V – Valuable
  • E – Estimable
  • S – Small
  • T- Testable

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