Scrum Master Interview Questions

Since many days I have been trying to accommodate a list of Questions people ask in a typical Scrum Master job profile. So here is the list. Please feel free to provide your comments and we can add/update accordingly. Thank you. Keep Learning 🙂

1.      What are the scrum ceremonies and explain each one:

2.      How many teams do you work with (have you worked with) and how large are these teams?

3.      How would you coordinate between multiple scrum teams?

4.      Name 2 techniques for prioritizing user stories?

5.      What is Bill Wakes’s INVEST?

6.      What roles are defined in Scrum? Explain each role.

7.      How do you ensure that the Scrum team has access to the stakeholders?

8.      Who shall be writing user stories?

9.      Did you use automated test tools on your projects?

10.   What is a team’s velocity?

11.      How do you manage sick leaves in a sprint to make sure you still achieve the sprint goal?

12.      When & how you do estimations in Scrum?

13.      Explain Planning Poker vs T-Shirt sizing?

14.      What is DEEP Analysis?

15.      Explain PDCA / Deming Cycle?

16.      What is Sprint Hardening ? Why & when it is done?

17.      Who updates the release burn down?

18.      Who updates the sprint burn down?

19.      What all Agile Engineering Practices you know ? What all practices you have used?

20.   Have you ever tried to influence your Product Owner ? If Yes, please provide instances.

21.      How may times you have achieved your release targets?

22.      What are spikes?

23.      Which Role in Scrum is very important according to you? Why?

24.      Explain Self-organization vs Self-motivation?

25.      How can you keep motivating your team?

26.      Do you believe in rewards & recognition system is good for Agile projects?

27.      How do you resolve conflicts within your scrum team?

28.      How many teams do you handle?

29.      What is the appropriate team number according to you a SM should handle?

30.   Have you worked on scaling scrum? If yes, which framework you have used?

31.      What is Sos? What you do in that?

32.      When you do SoS? Is it a time-boxed ceremony?

33.      Why teams in scrum needs to be cross-functional? What if they are not cross functional?

34.      Explain your daily activities you do as a SM.

35.      Explain Scrum Principles

36.      Explain Sprint Planning

37.      Explain Sprint Review

38.      Explain Sprint Retrospective

39.      Explain Daily Standup Meeting (DSM)

40.   What if as a SM you are not able to attend a daily standup meeting, so do you think DSM should happen/not happen/team should postpone so that you can attend.

41.      What is DoR?

42.      How do you decide your baseline for estimation?

43.      What is backlog health? Who manages it?

44.      What is sprint burnup chart?

45.      What is sprint burndown chart?

46.      What will happen to the tasks which are pending at the end of the sprint?

47.      Who should attend backlog grooming meeting?

48.      Is the backlog grooming meeting time-boxed? When and how it should happen?

49.      Who creates Product backlog?

50.   What is the difference between Product Backlog & Spring Backlog?

51.      Who writes US’s?

52.      Can a team member writes a US?

53.      Who should define the acceptance criteria?

54.      Can a SM influence a team member during estimation?

55.      Can a SM influence a team member to do a certain task in a specific way? OR Can a SM tell a team member on how you do the tasks?

56.      Who should facilitate scrum ceremonies in absence of a SM?

57.      Do we have a PM role in Scrum? If No, Why not?

58.      Do you think a SM should be technical person?

59.      Do you think a SM can also be a team member?

60.      Do you think a SM can also be a Product Owner?


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