Webinar – Life In Software Testing (Before And After Agile)

A grand Webinar on Agile with a different flavor this time which is – Life In Software Testing (Before And After Agile)

Topic – Life In Software Testing (Before And After Agile)

Date – January 17, 2016

Maximum Participants – 100

Time – 20:00 – 21:30 IST



About Speaker –

Rahul Sharma – With a Master’s Degree in Computers Applications, Rahul has around 10 years of experience in IT industry (.NET Programmer, Test Analyst, Technical Specialist and then Scrum Master) (Banking, Insurance and Digital Media sector) with around 5 years of Agile experience, working in more than 70 sprints and around 120 weeks of Kanban.

Learning Objectives –

  • Agile Values using game
  • How execution part of testing differs in Agile project without hampering testing basics ?
  • What to expect when you are looking for a test analyst for your Agile team?
  • Feelings of a team member of an Agile Team.
  • Requirement flow from inception to Done
  • A working way of doing testing in Sprints

Description –

  • Guess Game on Agile Values.
  • How I used to start testing and when, in comparison to now in Agile environment?
  • How we did defect management in old days vs how we are managing defects now?
  • What are the expectations of an Agile team, from a Test Analyst?
  • A Simple key to success for an Agile Team
  • My journey from a tester in traditional waterfall environment to a team member with testing as my specialization, in an Agile team with live examples
  • Requirement Flow Diagram, which I prepared and use in my team. And a Sprint Cycle diagram which depicts how testing commence in our sprint

Rahul Sharma will open his life, as a Software Tester in Waterfall projects vs his life in Agile projects by giving live examples. Registration is FREE.

Cost – FREE

For Registration use below link –




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