What is MMF (Minimum Marketable Feature)?

We have discussed about various Agile Principles in this blog.

Let us concentrate on one of the core principle of Agile which is-

‘Early Delivery of High Value’

What do we mean by this?

In any project irrespective of it’s size, domain and complexity we can apply Agile concepts on it.

If we are thinking of releasing any project to market then we should concentrate on releasing the top most feature which should return the maximum business value.

That feature is called as MMF – Minimum Marketable Feature.

It can be best understood by below image –


What this image represents is, assuming we need to build the full moon then we will start building it in small portions.

Initially building a very small portion of it which is the highest value feature is MMF.

Is there any concept of MMF in Waterfall?

Answer – No, in waterfall there is no concept of MMF. Because the nature of waterfall is deliver complete product in one go.



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