What is PDCA?

We have discussed several aspects on Agile methodologies till now.

Let’s talk about What is PDCA?

It stands for-

P- Plan

D- Do

C- Check

A- Act

It is also called as Deming Cycle and can be represented as follows –

How does it help me? How can I use it?

Let us discuss this with below case study –

Project Vision Statement –

Company ABC Corporation decided to adopt Agile methodologies for their new project which is a Prepaid Phone Recharge Website.

This will help end users to recharge their prepaid mobile phones using payment gateway implementation, provide offers to new users and offers/coupons on every transaction made by user.

How PDCA help in this case?

As a Product Owner of this company along with Scrum Master & Scrum Team we decided to deliver only MMF initially.

So we landed up in delivering below feature in next 1 month of time (just some tentative time frame) –

  1. Login/Registration
  2. Change Password
  3. Forgot Password
  4. Email Notifications
  5. Payment Gateway(Debit card and net banking)
  6. Prepaid Recharge (Vodafone, Airtel – i.e. some service providers)
  7. Provide discount coupons to end user after successful transaction

So what we did is we created something called as PDP (Potentially Deliverable Product) and we released it to market.

As one of the primary principle of Agile is frequent/early feedback, after it’s released we started getting feedback and it was as described below –

  1. Don’t you have option of paying by Credit Card?
  2. When can I get option for prepaid recharge for IDEA, Tata Docomo (some other service providers)?
  3. Can you implement TV/DTH recharge option?
  4. Do you have an option of Postpaid bill payment?
  5. The discount coupons has got a validity of only 30 days, can it be increased?

So this does not mean that our product implementation has failed.

However, through this we got a great review and feedback from end users and then again we implemented some features step by step using iterative development and kept on releasing it to customers asking for their feeback every time.

Conclusion –

What we have done here?

P – Plan – We have planned that we will create a website which will allow users to recharge prepaid phones

D – Do – We implemented the MMF as per plan

C – Check – We released it to market so that we get feedback from customer/end user.

A- Act – And now when we have a feedback and innovative ideas to make my product more meaningful, we can easily incorporate changes and mitigate future risks

Glossary –

MMF – Minimum Marketable Feature

PDP – Potentially Deliverable Product (sometimes referred as PSP – Potentially Shippable Product)



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